Katz & Plotkin, Low Speed Aerodynamics

µRaptor is an open-source implementation of the Unsteady Vortex Lattice Method in Matlab built for multi-wings flapping systems. This code is an important part of my Ph.D. thesis. As such, it will be validated against the MechaRaptor experimental setup and then it will be used to extend and identify possible interesting flying conditions for tandem wing configurations.

This software can model any number of wings undergoing complex motion, such as: flapping, pitching, plunging or any combination of these. Obviously, it also works for steady systems. It also implements various models for the estimation of forces with the UVLM.

Project roadmap

Status Item
Done      Basic implementation
In progress      Code cleanup & optimization
Jan 2023      Validation with experimental data from MechaRaptor
Jan 2023      Open-source release of the code
Thomas Lambert
Thomas Lambert
PhD Student in Aerospace Engineering

My current research focuses on unsteady and experimental aerodynamics. In specifics, I am studying the capabilities of tandem wings systems under flapping motion.