Privacy Policy

“Privacy is the fountainhead of all other rights. Freedom of speech doesn’t have a lot of meaning if you can’t have a quiet space. A space within yourself, within your mind, within the community of your friends, within your home, to decide what it is you actually want to say.”

Edward Snowden

This amazing quote from Edward Snowden (as many other from him) resonates strongly with me. I firmly believe in privacy and often promote and advocate for privacy respecting software and practices in developments. As such, this website does not collect any information regarding its visitors. There are:

  • No cookies
  • No tracking and analytics scripts
  • No analytics

and there never will on this website.

To go even further in what could be considered “a radical” stance in the era of Surveillance Capitalism, I also host all usual external dependencies locally. Therefore, no third party scripts or fonts are loaded when you browse the contents of this website.

The website is hosted by, thanks to their gitlab pages features. As such, it is likely submitted to their privacy policy by extension (but it is not really clear).