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matVLM: Versatile UVLM in Matlab

matVLM is an open-source Matlab library that implements the unsteady vortex lattice method (UVLM), specially tailored for the analysis of multi-wing flapping systems. While its primary focus is on flapping systems, matVLM’s flexibility allows for a broad spectrum of applications. This includes dynamics such as flapping, pitching, plunging, or any combination thereof across multiple wings. It is also capable of modeling rotating wings and, as expected, can also analyze steady wings.

The library offers a variety of models for calculating aerodynamic loads, enabling users to assess outputs and computational efficiency effectively.

A pivotal element of my PhD thesis, matVLM underpins the validation of experimental findings from the MechaRaptor setup focused on tandem flapping wings. It also plays a crucial role in the validation of Rotare (BEMT) for coaxial rotors in axial flow, highlighting its critical contribution to advancing our understanding of complex aerodynamic phenomena.

Project roadmap

Status Item
Done      Basic implementation
Done      Code cleanup & optimization
In progress      Validation with experimental data from MechaRaptor
March 2023      Comparison with Rotare for coaxial rotors
Q2 2024      Open-source release of the code
Thomas Lambert
Thomas Lambert
PhD Candidate in Aerospace Engineering

I am currently engaged in research on unsteady aerodynamics, focusing on numerical analyses and experimental studies for multi-body systems. My primary applications are in developing coaxial rotor systems and understanding the physics of tandem flapping systems, mainly to improve drone technology.